A New Way of Aging!

Sage-ing is looking at life in a new way as we grow older, a spiritual practice that involves harvesting the wisdom of our lives, transmitting that wisdom as a legacy to future generations and giving back through service. Learn more here.

Sage-ing International (SI) helps you achieve your best self as you age by offering opportunities to participate in classes, webinars (new!),  Wisdom Circles and Sage-ing Chapters. We also promote Sage-ing (conscious aging) through online resources, conferences and workshops.

Biennial Conference–Huge Success!!!

A sold out crowd of 160 elders gathered October 20 – 23, 2016 at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, for Sage-ing International’s (SI’s) 5th biennial conference to be introduced to or to renew their interest in the sage-ing path to conscious aging. Kindred spirits from across the country and as far away as Brazil, Switzerland and Israel reported leaving the conference with a full heart, deep joy, connected, inspired, and committed to sharing the sage-ing  path with family, friends and community. Read Jann Freed’s Blog that captures the spirit of the conference here. Or new comer Connie Earhart’s Post here about her experience as a newcomer to Sage-ing.

Live Webinar Series Launched November 9

“SI” launched its first live Webinar November 9,   “Living with a Grateful Heart.” presented by Rosemary Cox.  Over 40 participated from all over the world. The webinar explored what gratitude is and ways to expand gratitude in our lives. We also learned what researchers are saying about its benefits, and how this lifestyle choice can be your elixir for a good life.  Watch for more webinars to come in January. 

Grand-Generational Gifts

Read Pat Hoertdoerfer’s story here about how she and her husband pass on their values to their seven grandchildren  through the Cousins Camp they created.

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Conscious Age-ing is about giving back, providing service, mentoring. See what Sages in Service are doing.




Sage-ing International is committed to transforming the current paradigm of  aging to “sage-ing”  through  learning, community building and service.

With a confidence born from harvesting life experience and with a humility that sees service as the natural result of continued inner growth, we find ways to serve every day. This generosity of spirit elicits joy in human relations, while positively benefiting the communities and cultures we serve.

  • We embrace new paradigms for aging to realize our potential.
  • We recall important people and events and how they have shaped us.
  • We harvest the wisdom learned through life’s triumphs and challenges.
  • We find solace in forgiving others and ourselves
  • We make peace with death, taking spiritual and practical steps
  • We create a legacy through service, mentoring and activism

Is Sage-ing for You?

Are you in the second half of life and wondering what to do next? Have you just retired, have you recently become an empty-nester or has some other life transition left you wondering “what’s next?” Sage-ing may be your answer!

Sage-ing engages curiosity, community, commitment and connections and encourages us to enrich ourselves and our world through serving a cause, contacting a friend, reading a good book, attending a class, or enjoying the beauty and wonder of nature.

Embracing a sage-ing way of life may be the most important thing you do for yourself (and for others in your life) this year.

Here we share wisdom and inspiring stories from the Sage-ing International community, as well as from other partners in the rich collective of the conscious aging field. We aspire to bring you changing content of interest that keeps you coming back for more!

Fundamental Questions

Reb Zalman, founder of the Spiritual Eldering Institute, was a pioneer in Conscious Aging.  This Jeffrey Mishlove interview with Reb Zalman gives an introduction to Sage-ing and Conscious Aging principles.

The book From Age-ing to Sage-ing tells Reb Zalman’s story of choosing to become an Elder, rather than just becoming elderly. He shares wisdom about the last stage of life in interviews with Sara Davidson in The December Project.  Watch one of her interviews here.

Reb Zalman passed away in July 2014. Read tributes to this remarkable man here. 

Find CDs and DVDs by Reb Zalman in the Sage-ing store.

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